Organic Industrial City

Ndia Sub County, this area will be developed as the Organic Industrial City emblematic of a natural connection between neighborhoods of various typologies, linked with social amenities like schools, universities, hospitals, recreational facilities etc.

Tea farmers reaping in Kirinyaga

With better value addition tea farmers will earn significantly.The county Government is commited to enhance better and efficient SACCO operations

Mountain Cities Blue Print 2032

Kirinyaga County under the leadership of Her Excellency Governor Anne Waiguru is developing the first sessional paper, a vision document titled Mountain Cities Blue Print 2032 that outlines the county development plan for the next 15 years.

The blue print is an integrated public policy framework that seeks to establish Kirinyaga County as “The Health, Wellness, Organic and Resort Capital of the World”. It seeks to transform and dignify the lives of all Kirinyaga people through its three main pillars: enhanced agricultural production,industrial development as part of trade and private sector development and social economic development through integrated urban planning.

To achieve the transformation agenda, it will be implemented in the four sub-counties as informed by the comparative advantage of each.

Click Here to DownloadThe Mountain Cities Blue Print 2032

Wellness City

Kirinyaga Central Sub County will be the Wellness City. Exploration is being made of focusing this on a world class health infrastracture, dealing with diseases like cancer, whose treatment is not only expensive but send many people abroad. The city will also develop on the back of care giving to the elderly and the terminally ill will be linked with medical tourism.

Attractions in Kirinyaga

Kirinyaga County is one of the 47 counties in Kenya and is situated at the foot of Mt. Kenya. It is an agrarian county that grows some of the best coffee in the world, tea and best aromatic rice in the East Africa region.
It is also endowed with a forest cover that is inhabited by a variety of wildlife including elephants, buffaloes, monkeys, bushbucks and colourful birds while the lower parts of the forest zone provides grazing land for livestock.
The rich flora and fauna within the forest coupled with mountain climbing and water sports along river Sagana which are a majortourist attraction in the region.

Green Field City

Mwea Sub-County will be the green field city which focuses on agro processing, for national use and export. The hinter land of Mwea is rich agricultural land anchored mainly on rice but also produces a number of other horticultural products.

The city will concentrate on agro processing products from tea, coffee, rice, milk, fruits etc.

Industries will be carefully located with social-eco-nomic infrastructure like housing, schools and health care facilities proximate enough to support the industries.