Hon.Joyce Muriithi

CEC Member Cooperatives,Tourism,

Industrialization And Trade


Cooperatives are represented in all the sub counties by a District Cooperative Officer(DCO). This is a devolved function which undertakes extension services involving the registration of new cooperatives. The department is also in charge of audit of cooperatives, and implementation of policies both made at the county and national levels. It advises cooperatives on areas of marketing and value addition as well as investments. Currently there are 79 cooperatives, with a membership of over 300,000, a savings mobilization of over Ksh 13 Billion, a turn over of over Ksh 4.3 Billion.

With 11 active Saccos we are disbursing over Ksh 15 Billion annually. We are focused on more growth in the sector, and aims at transforming our cooperatives into modern competitive enterprises. This will be achieved through reforms in the sector, some of which will require policy adjustments at the county and national levels.We shall seek to promote more cooperatives particularly for the people in the informal sectors like boda boda operators,youth and beba beba operators. Among our values is "one for all, and all for one".


This department is in charge of trade policy setting, regulation and implementation. Promotion of trade activities, including licensing, markets development as well as facilitating skills and resources access for trade development is our responsibility. Under the department, there exists a Joint trade development loans board that seeks to identify and promote small and micro enterprises through capacity building and provision of credit to these enterprises. The department works closely with the local chapter of the Chambers of commerce and Kenya investment authority, among other national and international bodies in promotion of trade. Under trade we have also established an office for Weights and measures, that has the responsibility of ensuring fair trade practices prevail For the benefits of our producers, traders and consumers.


This department in charge of promotion of tourism in the county. It has been established that Kirinyaga has enormous potential for domestic and regional tourism, premised on the fact that we are located just about 100 kilometers from Nairobi, same distance as Naivasha from Nairobi.We are on two main highways, the northern corridor from Nairobi enroute to Nortern Kenya through Nyeri, and the Makutano Embu- Meru route. We are therefore strategically placed to tap on the tourism potential, particularly in the central circuit of tourism map. It is our duty as a department to promote investment in this sector, not to mention the scenic scenes and sites like Daraca ya Ngai, white waters around Sagana and the Castle Lodge on the foots of Mt Kenya.(read Kiinyaa).



This department is in charge of development of SME into industries through policy, investment promotion and climate setting. Resource mapping and development of county industrial master plan, as well as its execution is the mandate of this department. Considering the wide gap between primary production, and the market needs for finished goods, this department is undertaking to promote initiatives for processing our produce, technology for production, building and processing to ensure that Kirinyaga becomes a net exporter of finished goods, and imports less, which will result into massive value creation, and employment for our people.

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