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Education and Public Service

Education and Public Service

The County Department of Education is under the Docket of Education and Public Service, one of the nine ministries under a CEC. As will be proved through Programmes initiated in the last three years, budgetary allocations, and projects under Ward and Flagship development allocations, The county Government has fully taken over the devolved functions.

Devolved functions.

Under Education the functions Devolved under Schedule Four of the constitution Includes:-

                                i.            Pre-primary education

                              ii.            Village polytechnics

                            iii.            Home craft centers

                            iv.            Childcare facilities

All the other Functions including Policy on Education, Primary, Secondary and tertiary education remains a National Government Function. However, the demand and pressure to support these functions from the local community is so much on the County Government, whose needs span across the two levels of Government.


To be able to undertake these functions, the County Department of Education was structured into two Directorates, namely:-

                                i.            Directorate of ECDE (Early Childhood Development and Education), which takes care of the functions of Pre-Primary education as well as Children facilities (Day Care centers) above.

                              ii.            Directorate of Vocational Education and Training (DVET) - Under which all the Devolved polytechnics fall. The Function of Home Craft Centers is also managed under this directorate.


The department has seen the Establishment of the Kirinyaga Bursary Fund with regulations passed through the assembly. This programme has disbursed the Ksh 110milion bursary allocation to needy children in the first two years, benefiting over 13,000 students annually in all the 20 wards of the county. An additional Ksh 76.5 million is to be disbursed this year.


Impacts and effects created.

·         Improved Public ECDE capacity, Services and enrolments

·         Increased retention in public ECDE Centers

·         Improved sanitation facilities In schools

·         Increase technical education training opportunities polytechnic services

·         More relevance and acceptance of our polytechnics education and skills development initiatives


ECDE Facilities and Enrolments

In summary we have 198 ECDE Centers, with an enrolment of 15,824 as summarized below per sub-county.


ECDE Centers

Total Enrolment

Kirinyaga Central



Kirinyaga East



Kirinyaga West



Mwea East



Mwea West



Notably, the enrolment has been growing from a figure of 10,000 before devolution to 15,824 within the three years of Devolution. This is a notable achievement even though it comes with the challenge of need for more resources to sustain the programme.

Polytechnic Facilities.






Programmes running

Kirinyaga Central

  1. Kaitheri
  2. Kiamuthambi
  3. Mutitu


 Traditional programmes.

  • Masonry
  • Motor vehicle mechanics
  • Welding and metal works
  • Tailoring and Garment making

New programmes.

ICT Training


Business Training

Agribusiness and food processing

Kirinyaga East

  1. Kamiigwa
  2. Kimweas
  3. Kiambatha


Kirinyaga West

  1. Kiambwe
  2. Kibingoti
  1. Ndiriti

Mwea East

  1. Mucii wa Urata
  2. Nyangati
  1. Ngucui
  2. Gathigiriri

Mwea West

  1. Kiamikuyu
  1. Thome
  2. Thanju


11 Polytechnics


It is worth noting that enrolment in the 11 polytechnics has increased from 350 to 1350 in three years owing to increased investment in infrastructure, absorption of 102 instructors and creation of new programmes including ICT, business/Entrepreneurship training and agribusiness as well as food processing.

It is our desire that there exists at least a county polytechnic in each and every ward which could also host the home craft centers as way of community development. Some of the required materials including Garment making and weaving machines have already been procured for the home craft programme

Programmes running

The following programmes have been running under the County Ministry of Education.


                    i.            Infrastructure development- Classrooms Toilets, Fixed Play Facilities and Furniture

                  ii.            Day care centers Infrastructure Development

                iii.            Provision of ECDE Materials  


                    i.            Polytechnics Infrastructure development- Classrooms/Workshops refurbishments, fencing, MVM/Welding/Masonry sheds, Tools and Equipments

                  ii.            Home craft - Tools and Equipments

By Gachugo SK- CEC Education and Public Service. February 2016.


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