Welcome to our Beautiful County

Governor Ndathi


To be a county enjoying improved productivity through maximum realization of its potentials for sustained economic, social and political development.


To foster sustained productivity through effective and efficient use of available resources by encouraging investment, tourism and agricultural productivity to improve the living standards of the people in the county in a clean, secure and sustainable environment

Governor's Message

"There are few places that are as spectacular as Kirinyaga.A beautiful mountain,amazing weather,wonderful and industrious people. Kirinyaga County is an academic giant having emerged the top county in recent years.Kirinyaga County is an agricultural county.In my immediate plans are issues that can be attended to with minimum financial resources and still have a great impact on the social-economic welfare of our people.

As a county, we are working towards promoting agricultural activities with a view to having a more modernized, competitive and sustainable agriculture. We are engaging in intensive and extensive farming and establishing industries that are of strategic value to our county in line with our agricultural wealth

My government is setting up a fund, which could be utilised to lend money to farmers for the purpose of buying dairy animals. We are also inviting investors to start full-fledged factories in our county, where we will do everything ourselves from harvesting through to processing and packaging including branding our products and directly marketing. The same should be done for all our agricultural produce including our tea,coffee,french beans, tomatoes, fruits and even our dairy products. We need to sell our finished products directly to the customer locally, regionally and internationally in Europe, China and Japan, among others. Our products will, therefore, have to be up to international standards.

As we do all this, we need to improve the incomes of small-scale farmers in the county by improving our market outlets in Kagio, Kutus, Sagana and Wang’uru. Once these markets have been improved, it will be possible for buyers from Nairobi and other places to pick our produce from these centres due to improved road networks. This will make it possible for the upcoming middle-class families to buy their produce from these markets, including the growing demand from the newly created university college at Kutus. The demand for cotton in the world market is unlimited and we need to make every effort to revive cotton growing as a means of improving the incomes of the local farmers.

Indeed, Kirinyaga is endowed with great potential for a thriving business climate, which can attract new capital, and new investments, which in turn can foster the creation of new jobs and retain existing jobs. Hence, the need for my government to establish a framework that nurtures a business climate and supports entrepreneurs and wealth creators. We need to review or establish policies that can enable us to unlock the full enterprise potential of our county and clean our towns and markets. If we are going to lay the foundation for long-term prosperity and job creation and growth, we must not overlook the importance of education. We are working hand in hand with the National Government, specifically the ministry of Education, to address the shortcomings in our schools and colleges to improve educational performance across our county."

"It is my government’s responsibility to ensure that the county’s health facilities are adequately equipped to handle health issues affecting our people. The issue of unemployment is a serious challenge in our county and contributes to social challenges such as abuse of alcohol by our youth, incidents of insecurity and poor sanitation, among others. My county government is addressing all these issues by making efforts to convert young people into job creators instead of job seekers."