Hon.Ephraim Wambu Miano

CEC Member for Medical Services, Public Health and Sanitation

As part of the strategy to build a strong and sustainable health care system, we have developed a 5 year Health strategic and investment plan that outlines the priority interventions and investments necessary to reduce the disease burden among our people. The planning process is informed by the new Kenya health policy Framework (2013-2017) that identifies the following as Kenya’s Health Policy Orientation.

  • Eliminating communicable diseases like HIV, Diarrhoea and TB
  • Halting and reversing rising burden of non-communicable diseases like high blood pressure/hypertension, cancer and diabetes.
  • Reducing the burden of violence and injuries.
  • Providing essential medical services as identified the Kenya Essential Package of Health.
  • (KEPH)
  • Minimising exposure to health risk factors, especially through the community Strategy

Strengthen collaboration with health related sectors from the –year strategic plan, the first annual year work plan FY2013/2014 is already being implemented, although because of the on-going transition from national to county management, many challenges remain. But the ship has already left the harbour. We are in advanced stages of establishing offices of the Chief Officer of Health, the Directors and Sub-County Managers. Once this management structure is complete and working and flow of resources ease-up, the ship will change gears, and we can hope that our people will enjoy better health care.

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