Trade and Cooperatives

To provide a conducive trading environment to our traders, most of who deal with fresh produce, we have constructed 11 modern markets namely:

1. Kagio Cereals Market

2. Kagio Fresh Produce Market

3. Kutus Market

4. Kerugoya Market

5. Makutano Market

6. Kagumo Market

7. Kianyaga Market

8. Kiamutugu Market

9. Sagana Market

10. Kibingoti Market

11. Wang’uru

The markets hold up to 4,522 traders who earn an average income of Ksh. 1000 per day each. That translates to about Ksh. 4.5 million per day collectively.

The county government provided a coffee value addition to Mwirua Coffee Farmers Cooperative Society to enable them make additional income from roasting of coffee.