Medical Services, Public Health & Sanitation

The biggest and most ambitious project of the County Government thus far, Kerugoya Medical Complex. Part of the Mountain Cities Blueprint to turn Kirinyaga Central Sub-County into a Wellness City. It will see the healthcare system transformed both within Kirinyaga County and also outside our borders. Turn Kerugoya Referral Hospital to a Level 5, with a 449 bed capacity, ICU and NICU, HDU, Burns Unit as well as the most modern equipment.

Kerugoya Hospital Medical Complex has the following units;

Ground Floor

  • Wing A: Outpatient and Pharmacy
  • Wing B : 9-Casualty Beds , 1-Casualty Theatre, 6- Observation beds, 1- Resuscitation bed, Radiology, Orthopedic and Laboratory

1st Floor

  • Wing A: 12-ICU Beds (1-Isolation Bed) & 12-HDU Beds
  • Wing B:  3 – Theatres (1-Maternity Theatre & 2 Operational Theatres) & 8-Theatre Recovery beds

2nd  Floor

  • Wing A: New Born Unit (NBU) ;10- Kangaroo beds and  60 baby coats
  • Wing B: 30 -Maternity Beds & 3- Delivery Rooms Beds

3rd Floor

  • Wing A: 36 – Gynae Ward Beds & 2 Procedure Room Beds
  • Wing B: 48- Postnatal Beds

4th Floor

  • Wing A: 36-Female surgical wards
  • Wing B: 54-Male surgical wards

5th Floor

  • Wing A: 36- Pediatric Ward Beds
  • Wing B: 54- Male Medical Beds

In light of hospital upgrade, Kianyaga Hospital Medical Complex & Kimbimbi Hospital Medical Complex construction is in progress. The completions of these hospitals marks a milestone in a series of healthcare initiatives in Kirinyaga.

The County Government has also undertaken the following Health Projects;

  • Refurbishment of Kerugoya County Referral Hospital’s Outpatient Department- This has enhanced delivery of services to about 600 patients who seek treatment at the facility daily.
  • Establishment of a Renal Unit with 8 dialysis machines serving 12 patients daily.
  • Establishment of an eye unit at Kerugoya Hospital where eye operations have been conducted on over 800 patients.
  • Establishment of a modern CT scan center at Kerugoya Hospital which serves around 20 patients per week who would previously be referred to other facilities.
  • Installation of an X-ray Unit at Kerugoya and Sagana Hospitals, which has greatly reduced the turnaround time between diagnosis and treatment.
  • Construction of a modern kitchen at Kerugoya Hospital has increased efficiency in the hospitals catering services with its capacity to cater for preparation of food for over 400 people at a time.
  • The modern laundry unit established at Kerugoya Hospital has also greatly improved the hygiene standards of the hospital and access to clean linen by patients at all times. It can handle 400 kg of linen per day.
  • Construction of a modern 24 bed capacity TB isolation ward at Kerugoya hospital thus enabling safe management of TB patients requiring in patient management.
  • Installation of a Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) aimed at enhancing customer care, ease of communication between hospital’s departments and prudent use of resources in our major health facilities.
  • A modern incinerator at Kerugoya Hospital with a capacity of burning up to 50 kilograms of waste per hour at a temperature of up to 1,200 degrees Celsius.
  • Construction of Maternity wards at Sagana, Kimbimbi, Ngariama and Kianyaga Hospitals goes a long way in increasing the maternity bed capacity by an extra 120 beds thus improving maternal and child healthcare in the county.
  • Construction of a 30 bed capacity male ward in Baricho Health Center aimed at serving male patients who would previously be referred to Kerugoya Hospital for inpatient services
  • Procurement of 3 new ambulances has greatly enhanced emergency evacuation services among them accident related or referrals for specialized treatment.
  • Procurement of six new generators for various health facilities ensures smooth operations even with electric power failure.

In light of health centers, Riakithiga medical laboratory & Joshua Mbai medical laboratory have been launched. The opening of these labs marks a milestone in a series of healthcare initiatives in Kirinyaga. In cognizant to the same, completion of Mucagara, Kiamugumo, Kiandai, Kiamwathi, Kianjiru, Joshua Mbai, Umoja Kianjiru, Kamwana, Umoja, Matandara, and Kiaumbui dispensaries among others has gone a long way in enhancing access to primary health care to thousands of beneficiaries within their home localities.