Sports, Culture & Social Services

Kirinyaga County is located in a high-altitude area, has favorable weather and youthful population and we are keen to fully capitalize on these.

Due to its location next to Mount Kenya, Kirinyaga County favors high altitude training in athletics but for some reason, there are no training camps in the area and this is the reason we have put more emphasis on developing our sport facilities.

Kirinyaga has three main public stadiums – Kerugoya in Kirinyaga Central Constituency, General Kasam Stadium in Gichugu and Wang’uru Stadium in Mwea.

For the last five years, we have put emphasis on upgrading the stadiums. In upgrading the Stadiums, the county targets to host more local, regional and national sporting events to generate more revenue.

Good infrastructure will enable youth to nurture and showcase their sporting potential through tournaments, and to keep youth from bad behavior.

Kerugoya Stadium

At Kerugoya Stadium, we have constructed perimeter wall, terraces, an ablution block, work on the football pitch and installation of a standard athletics track.

General Kasam Stadium

We have plans to upgrade General Kasam Stadium in Kianyaga.

Wanguru Stadium

Locals look forward to using the Wanguru Stadium sports facility once it’s officially handed over to the county government.

Supporting local Talents.

So far, we have supported over 300 clubs across the county through our equipment and uniform distribution program.

The sport clubs are distributed across all the wards and the support is part of our youth empowerment program that is aimed at nurturing sports talent in the county.

So far, we have given out:

  • Football uniforms
  • Football balls
  • Football uniforms
  • Football balls
  • Football Boots
  • Volleyball Balls
  • Volleyball Nets
  • Dartboards
  • Other Sport gears like Gloves.

The sports kits boost the capacity and morale of our teams which in turn increases their chance of excelling in various tournaments which open many opportunities for our sportsmen and women. We have also supported dozens sport tournaments in different ways.

Sporting activities among the young people not only keep them positively engaged but also keep them healthy. It also reduces their risk of indulging in criminal activities such as drug abuse among others.