The Governor

Her Excellency Anne Waiguru
Chair – Council Of Governor

Her Excellency Governor Anne Mumbi Waiguru is a renowned technocrat, public policy expert and the first of only seven women governors in Kenya. She is also the Chair of the Council of Governors in Kenya. Governor Waiguru is recognized globally as one of the most competent female leaders under 50. As a thought leader of public-sector reform for more than 15 years, Governor Waiguru has a wealth of experience in both the private and public sector. Her achievements in both is a manifestation of an emerging stateswoman in Africa.



Governor Anne Waiguru is an Egerton University graduate and holds a master’s degree in Economic Policy from University of Nairobi.


Governor Waiguru served as the first Cabinet Secretary for the Ministry of Devolution and Planning. Prior to that she was the Director, Integrated Financial Management and Information System (IFMIS), and, Head, Governance Unit, at the Treasury, in the Ministry of Finance. Governor Waiguru also served as the Alternate to the Permanent Secretary/Treasury (PS/T) in the Public Procurement oversight Authority Advisory Board, and as the alternate to the PS/T on the Women Enterprise Fund Board. She has also served in the past, in her own capacity and on a voluntary basis as an associate board member of a HIV/AIDs home in Kenya and for the Parliamentary Network on the World Bank (PNoWB) East African Chapter.


Anne Waiguru was elected Governor of Kirinyaga County for the first time in 2017, making her one of the only 3 women governors in the country. She developed a sessional paper for the county stipulating a 15-year visionary agenda titled the Mountain Cities Blueprint. The paper was the first sub-national paper in the country. During her first term in office, she undertook vigorous healthcare reforms, constructed the Kerugoya Medical Complex, 21 dispensaries and health centers. She undertook transport and infrastructure upgrades and is currently developing an industrial park for investors to manufacture goods locally.
Additionally, she begun a women empowerment programme dubbed ‘Wezesha Mama’ Kirinyaga that seeks various avenues in government projects to economically empower women in the county. An example of this is the hospital linen project that facilitates women tailors to make hospital apparel that the county buys at market rates. Waiguru also brings to the table of public policy design and decision-making the diligence and excellence of her peers, both men and women. Her resilience, sheer drive, commitment to excellence, and ability to deliver on complex tasks and across a diverse range of professional fronts has elevated her as a premier role model to seasoned women leaders, emerging leaders, and young women and girls.