Transport, Roads, Public Works & Housing

To increase efficiency in our in-house road rehabilitation program, aptly named ‘Nyorosha Barabara mashinani’, the County Government procured their own equipment namely: 10 trucks, 5 graders, 2 excavators, 2 rollers, a bulldozer, a wheel loader, a water bowser, a roller compactor and a back hoe.

We have graded over 2200 km of roads and murramed  over 700 km of roads for ease of transportation of goods and services and enhanced access to markets for farmers’ produce and reduced cost of production of farm produce.

Construction of bridges such as Mahigaini, Kiamanyeki, Gachuria Moyo, Kagumoini, Mukure, Rukanga, Kiandai and Ciagini which have created connectivity between areas previously cut off by rivers and reduced travelling distance.

Construction of footbridges in Kabare, Kariti and Mukure has helped connect villages thus boosting business due to easy transportation of goods and increased population.