Governor Waiguru disburses funds to communal agricultural projects

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru on Tuesday issued cheques worth Ksh. 55 million to fund major agricultural development activities within the county. The money will benefit a total of 159 organized community groups including 40 groups for the vulnerable and marginalized, who will be implementing four selected value chains in Poultry, Daily, Avocado and Tomato farming.

The agricultural value chain program is a collaboration between the County Government and the National Agricultural and Rural Inclusive Growth Project (NARIGP). The program aims at increasing agricultural production and profitability of targeted rural communities for increased incomes to the households and the county at large. They will also go a long way into improving food security and addressing the nutritional gaps by introducing traditional high value crops alongside the established value chains. The development programs are under the county’s ‘Wezesha Kirinyaga’ emblem.

In Poultry value chain alone, a total of Ksh. 15.9 will be given to 37 community groups for mass production of eggs.  This is set to impact 1110 households. The overall project objective is to produce 1 million eggs per month with guaranteed market through KIDA hence guaranteed income. This programme will also to create employment for over 2000 trained bodaboda youth.

In Dairy production, a total of Ksh. 7.28 million will be distributed to 17 groups across the four sub-counties. The overall impact for this value chain is 510 households. The project objective is to increase milk production. The farmers will receive animal feeds produced by Kiaga animal feeds factory produced by the county. The funds given under this value chain will fund: On-farm feed formulation, promoting technology especially A.I Services, invest in collection and milk cooling facilities & conservation of fodder.

In Tomato value chain, a total of Ksh. 5.38 million will be given to 11 groups comprised of 330 farmers. The project objective is to increase tomato production as well as value addition on the same through set up of a Tomato Processing Plant. To fund given to the farmers under this value chain will fund; Clean seedling production, disease tolerance varieties, Technologies for production eg. Proper irrigation techniques & alternative pest control and management systems.

In Avocado value chain, a total of Ksh. 7.29 million will be given to 16 groups comprised of 480 farmers. The project objective is to increase avocado trees coverage and fruit production. This is tied to the oncoming Avocado Packhouse for packaging, branding and marketing of Kirinyaga Avocado. To funds to be distributed to the farmers will be used for; Quality avocado seedlings production especially hass variety, Build farmers’ capacity on proper avocado handling and technology, harvesting, storage and packaging & construction of avocado collection sheds and centers

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