Kirinyaga County Government leads county in tree planting to mark Labor Day

The County Government of Kirinyaga on Wednesday led the county residents in a tree planting drive to mark Labour Day.

The exercise that was presided by Deputy Governor David Githanda saw to planting of over 2,000 at Kiamutugu Boys Secondary School, dispensaries and along the Kirinyaga-Embu highway.

The tree planting incorporated the staff of the county and national governments as well as the area residents.

Githanda said that the exercise was part of the government’s elaborate climate change mitigation intervention plan, underscoring the importance of tree planting in combating the adverse impact of climate change and environmental degradation.

He noted that the county government has a target of planting three million trees through integration of tree planting in community life where residents are sensitized to plant trees during social functions.

“We are encouraging everyone in the county to take advantage of the ongoing rains to plant as many trees as they can. Let us come together to create a greener and a more sustainable future for our county and beyond”. Said the Deputy, noting that citizen participation in safeguarding the environment for the future generation was key.

His sentiments were echoed by Peter Kooro, the Sub County Forest Officer in charge of Kirinyaga East, stressing the urgency of intensive tree planting during the rainy season to preserve soil from erosion. “We are requesting the residents of Kirinyaga to actively utilize this rainy season to intensify tree planting, especially in the riparian areas so that we can prevent them from soil erosion.” He said.

During the National Tree Growing Day last year, Governor Anne Waiguru committed to leading the county in planting six million trees by 2027.   “When we plant trees, we are not only making our environment beautiful but we are contributing to the well-being of the future generations since trees are an essential part of the ecosystem as they provide humanity with oxygen, food, shelter and medicine.” Waiguru stated.

She emphasized the crucial role of trees in mitigating climate change, reducing air pollution, and providing habitats for wildlife, urging residents to actively participate in tree planting efforts and ensure the nurturing of planted trees to maturity.

The governor has also mainstreamed climate change interventions in the county’s development agenda such as in agriculture where the farmers are supported to grow high value fruit trees as a way of diversifying incomes and curbing soil degradation. The county is also undertaking sustainable land management program that includes excavation of ditches and terraces and planting trees to prevent soil erosion and flooding.

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