Waiguru assents to new transport regulations to bring sanity in towns

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru has assented to new transport regulations that seek to bring safety and order in towns.

The Kirinyaga County Transport and Parking Act, 2023 will facilitate the provision of adequate and accessible matatuterminals, parking, footways and roads for efficient public transport in the county.

Most of the major towns in the county have witnessed a surge in population and a rise in number of motorists which calls for better management of public transport system and roads.

Governor Waiguru said the Act will help the county bring sanity in towns.

Speaking during the signing of the bill in her office at the County Headquarters in Kutus, Waiguru said the Act will applyto County roads, public transport facilities and systems, taxicabs and vehicles-for-hire, transport, motorcycle transport, non-motorized transport, traffic management, parking, street lighting in the County.

She said the new regulations establishes a Directorate responsible for County transport, roads, and parking and theCounty Transport Planning Advisory Committee.

It gives the Executive Committee Member for Finance powers to establish the County Transport Management Fund that will be used in implementation and operationalization of projects or programme contained in the County Transport Plan, County Road Development Plan, or County Non-Motorized Transport Guidelines.

The law provides that no public transport vehicle from an unlicensed Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies (Saccos) or Company shall operate within the County.

To stop a cartel like tendency where some Public Service Vehicle (PSV) Saccos and companies use force, intimidation and threats to stop vehicles from other registered organizations from picking, dropping off passengers or plying a particular route, the County Government has imposed a fine not exceeding Ksh.50,000 or six months imprisonment.

To protect PSV users from unfair trade practices, all matatuswill be required to display a visible fare guide inside the vehicle and the passengers shall not be charged more that the amount displayed.

Taxii operators shall be required to obtain a Taxicab or Vehicle-for-Hire Business Permit and those found operating without the permit shall pay a penalty of Ksh.5000.

The law also requires bodaboda operators to obtain a permit and be in a legally registered groups or SACCOs and each group shall have a distinct colour mark given by County Government.

Waiguru said her administration will help the bodabodaoperators form Saccos that will also be used as channels for social economic support.

She assured that the law will also protect bodaboda operators from harassment and unnecessary arrest.

The County Government will be required to deploy Traffic Marshals to manage traffic flow on county roads, collect fees and charges set out under the Kirinyaga County Finance Act.

On parking, small vehicles will be required to pay a daily fee of Ksh. 50 and those who fails to pay will be charged a penalty of Ksh. 1500. Those found obstructing the free flow of traffic or pedestrians shall be charged a penalty of Ksh 5000.

The Act which has repealed the Kirinyaga County Omnibus Stations and Parking Act, 2016 also outlaws erection of sign, advertisement, or billboard on a road, reserve or a footway without approval and payment of a prescribed fee.

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