Waiguru reaffirms commitment by counties to support youth innovations

Council of Governors (COG) chair Anne Waiguru has reaffirmed commitment by counties to support innovations by the youth.

Waiguru said governors will continue to provide necessary resources and opportunities for skill development so as to unlock the full potential of youth.

The governor says that given the support, youth of the 21st century is initiating impactful innovations and social enterprises that address the world’s most pressing issues.

She said counties have anchored youth empowerment in their development agenda and have been able to tailor make unique programs relevant to them in their regions.

Speaking during the official opening ceremony of the youth connekt summit in Nairobi, the governor said the future of Africa lies with the youth.

“We will provide the necessary support, resources, and platforms for their ideas to flourish. Together, let us embark on this historic journey towards a borderless renaissance—one that is energized by the vibrant spirit of our youth,” assured the governor.

Waiguru said the devolved units have established skills development centers, youth friendly policies and interventions in health facilities, revolving funds and other catalytic funds to boost youth-owned enterprises, talent promotion programs, implementation of internship and apprenticeship programs, among others.

The chair said that anchoring youth empowerment in county’s development agenda has fostered inclusive development and platforms to create opportunities for the population.

The Governor said each of the County Governments, have a county executive responsible for youth affairs mandated with ensuring programmes responsive to their needs.

“Undoubtedly, devolution stands out as a best practice that I would endorse when it comes to youth development and enhancing their participation in public life,” the Governor said.

The Governor said devolution has enhanced youth development and participation in public life.

“Our youth are the designers of change, the torchbearers of innovation, and the custodians of our hopeful progress,” the Governor added.

She said counties have a duty to foster an environment where the dreams and aspirations of youth are actively nurtured and invested in.

The Kirinyaga Governor said the summit which has brought together about 20,000 delegates from across Africa and the diaspora under the theme, “Youth Innovating a Borderless Renaissance”, exemplifies the youthful paradigm and unchained minds that will shape the future of Africa.

“Youth of the 21st Century face their own challenges. Mental health struggles, high rates of unemployment and underemployment, sexual and reproductive health issues, radicalization and susceptibility to the impacts of climate change are just but a few they have to battle with and navigate,” Waiguru said.

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