Joy as Waiguru comes to aid of self-help group whose cow for Christmas feast was stolen

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru has come to the aid of a self-help group whose cow they had bought to feast on during Christmas was stolen and slaughtered by thieves.

In a heartwarming act of generosity, Waiguru has offered the 43-member group from Ngiriambu village, Gichugu sub-county, Ksh 50,000 to buy another bull so as to continue with their planned celebrations.

The group members had purchased the cow at Ksh 50,000 and had planned to share the meat amongst themselves only for thieves to steal it at night. Each of the group members had been contributing Ksh 200 every month to buy the cow.

There has been a surge in livestock theft in Kirinyaga with Governor Waiguru asking police to intensify security to stop the incidences and bring the culprits to book.

Speaking when she represented the governor during handing over of the money to the group, the County Director for Gender and Youth, Doreen Nyaguthii, said Waiguru was touched by the story of the group especially the saving culture that had helped families maintain a decade-long Christmas tradition of sharing together.

Nyaguthii said the gesture was meant to encourage members and others to embrace unity so as to benefit from government’s social economic empowerment programmes.

She said through Wezesha program, Kirinyaga’s version of the Bottom-up Economic Transformation Agenda (BETA), the county has supported more than 50,000 households who are members of various agriculture value chain groups.

“The Wezesha program is a testament of the County Government’s commitment to empower our youth and ensure gender parity. Through this initiative, we aim to create opportunities and foster inclusive growth for all,” Nyaguthii added.

She asked residents to form or join groups so as to benefit from government’s social-economic empowerment programmes.

Chairman of the Ngiriambu Self Help Group, Michael Mwaniki, said that the cow was stolen four days after he bought it. He expressed profound gratitude for Governor Waiguru’s gesture, emphasizing the immense relief it has brought to their families.

“We had lost hope of celebrating new year as a group after the cow was stolen, however we are excited Governor Waiguru has brought back joy in our families. For over 10 years we have been having this Christmas tradition of slaughtering cow and sharing among families,” Chomba said.

Echoing the chairman’s sentiments, group Secretary, Julius Chomba, said the group was disheartened when their Christmas bull was stolen, but Governor Waiguru’s support had reignited their unity and saving spirit.

“We now feel rejuvenated after getting this gracious gesture. Our members and their families are now looking forward to celebrate together,” he said.

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