Kirinyaga county government steps up measures to control beetle infestation.

Kirinyaga County Government has stepped up measures to control black carpet beetle infestation that has been a menace to residents in selected areas.

Some of the areas infested by the pest include Mukinduri, Kagumo and Kerugoya in Kirinyaga Central.

The County Executive Committee (CEC) Member for Medical Services, Public Health and Sanitation, George Karoki said though the beetles pose no physical harm to individuals the alarming infestation has been a nuisance to the residents.

Karoki said a team of public health officials have sprayedaffected homesteads and business premises with pesticide in an effort to control the population, stop further spread and reduce the damage caused by the beetles.

The CEC said that for the past two weeks, the County Government has been traversing the affected villages with a goal of curbing the pest, whose concentration has been mainly in areas illuminated by floodlights.  

He said that the outbreak can be attributed by the heavy rains that had pounded the area for about five continuous weeks.

Karoki said that with the help of Community Health Promoters, the County Government has been able to identify the affected households spraying them with chemicals. He noted that support by Governor Anne Waiguru in provision of the required chemicals and manpower had gone a long way in enabling a successful control of the beetle.

The CEC pointed out that there has been significant reduction in the beetle population for the past two weeks that the control measures have been in place. He assured residents that the beetles posed no physical harm to individuals though the alarming infestation is a nuisance. He said that the beetles are expected to reduce further once the rains subside.

At the height of infestation, Jane Wambura, a businessperson from the Mukinduri had been forced to close her business due to the insects. She has however resumed her business after successful control of the pests.

Simon Muregi from the same neighborhood said that were it not for prompt response by the authorities, the situation could have run out of hand.

“We are happy because the spraying exercise has significantly reduced the beetle population and we can now go on with our business,” he said.

Black Carpet Beetle is one of the most common and most destructive of the carpet beetle species. They cause damage to household items such as carpets, furniture and clothing.  At times they may attack cereals and grains.

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