Governor Waiguru revives dispensary projects in the wake of COVID-19

Kirinyaga County Governor Anne Waiguru has commenced the completion process of stalled dispensary projects in a bid to boost primary health care in the county. The Governor today inspected Ndaba Dispensary in Kangai Ward which has been allocated Ksh. 8 million to oversee its completion.

Governor Waiguru who was accompanied by the area leaders, said that the construction of the dispensary which had remained halfway done for a long time would be completed in the next six weeks after which it shall be equipped to start benefiting the area people. The Governor said that the county will also undertake the completion of seven other stalled projects in the health sector across the county for the benefit of the local people.

“The country at large is currently facing serious challenges with the corona virus and as such we have redirected most of our focus on completion of the dispensaries in communities so as to improve primary healthcare.” Said the governor.

She added that when people access quality primary healthcare, they do not need to visit higher levels of hospitals which can then be eased off to handle complex health matters and critically ill patients.


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