Governor Waiguru treats Kianyaga Children’s Home family to a visit in Nairobi National Park

Kirinyaga County Governor Anne Waiguru on Saturday hosted a Christmas party for Kianyaga Children’s home family at Nairobi National Park. The children had a one-on-one interaction with their Governor as they toured the animal orphanage and the Nairobi Safari Walk where they got to see and learn about various wild animals.

The elated children could not hide their excitement as they narrated about their tour to the city, since for the majority of them, it was their debut visit to Nairobi. Kianyaga Children’s home, which currently has 47 children, 24 girls and 23 boys, has over the years been home to hundreds of children. The home is run by the county government which caters for all the needs of the children including education and employs the staff who take care of them.

After the tour, the children got to share a sumptuous meal of fries and chicken and an assortment of fruit juices after which the governor gifted each one of them with a Christmas gift hamper consisting of a school bag, indoor games kit and a mathematical set among other items. She advised the children to believe in themselves since each of them has the potential of becoming whatever they dreamt to be. “All you need is to have confidence that you can achieve anything that you set your eyes to achieve. You need to believe it.” Said the governor.

She observed that such an exposure will go a long way in opening their eyes so that they can aspire to work hard and achieve the kind of good life they see among those they interact with during such tours. “This Christmas party is a tradition that we have maintained over the last four years and one that we would like to maintain every other Christmas. The event not only makes these children feel included but it also gives them an opportunity to enjoy the season like the other children”, said the governor. She noted that while in the past years they have held the party within the Children’s home, the idea to move them to a different environment was more exciting for the children.

Andrew Maina, a child from the home expressed his gratitude to the governor for giving them such a treat. He said that not only were the children excited to have interacted with the governor but they had also learnt a lot from her as well as the game wardens who were taking them through the tour. “My sisters and brothers here are so happy for the opportunity that you have given them. This tour and the party is one that we will never forget”, Phyllis Murugi, one of the children told the governor.

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