Governor Waiguru distributes garbage collection skips for market clean up

Kirinyaga Governor, Anne Waiguru, on Tuesday distributed garbage collection skips to be placed in all major markets and towns for improved solid waste management. The 13 skips that were launched in Kagio market will complement the 16 which the county had distributed earlier.

Governor Waiguru said that her government is committed to providing proper solid waste management to ensure that all residents and traders dwell and transact in clean and safe environment. She said that her government is always listening to the needs and residents and the skips were an answered request from market traders and that the county has streamlined operations on garbage collection and invested heavily in modern equipment for solid waste management.

She added that the skips will be distributed in the major towns and market places and strategically placed to ensure that they serve the residents for the maximum benefit. The skips will be placed in Kagio, Kutus, Kerugoya, Kagumo market, Kibingoti, Sagana, Wang’uru and Mururi. She pointed out that the county during last financial year purchased 16 skips, one garbage truck and one skip loader.

To ensure that all the towns and markets are covered the county through the department of environment works on a rotational weekly schedule whereby garbage is collected on alternate days in different markets.

Kirinyaga has four main town centers, six medium sized towns and 27 shopping centers all which are covered in the garbage collection schedule. The governor said that the county government will continue installing more skips to ensure that there is no open dumping of waste in the streets and estates. She also urged all traders and residents to ensure that they throw garbage in the designated collection points and avoid littering the streets.

Apart from investing in equipment, the county has 345 casual workers who are distributed to clean various towns and markets and supervisors who the governor directed to  ensure that cleaning is undertaken at all times without fail.

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