Governor Waiguru distributes relief food to flood victims

Kirinyaga County Governor Anne Waiguru has distributed relief food to families affected by floods caused by the ongoing rains. The food has benefited over 3,200 families who were affected by floods in various places around the county as well as the most vulnerable people affected by Covid-19.

While distributing to residents of Kamuthanga in Ndia, Waiguru said that even though Kirinyaga County is a major food basket, many farmers have now lost their crop after being swept away by the ongoing heavy rains which may result to people facing starvation.

Beneficiaries of the relief food were drawn among the most affected residents of 10 wards namely Karit, Ngangati, Mutithi, Wamumu, Tebere, Thiba, Murinduko, Gathigiriri, Kangai and Njukiini. Some of the areas affected by floods include Kamuthanga near Sagana, Marura in Kangai while other vulnerable people were identified from settlements such as Shauri Moyo in Thiba, Maisha Kamili in Tebere among others.

The Governor said that the program will continue to ensure that the vulnerable members of the community are taken care of. She also pointed out that the elderly have been hit hard by the effects of Covid-19 since many of them previously depended on their children who could have lost their incomes due to corona virus.

Governor Waiguru said that the county government has been working closely with the National Government in identification of the needy cases for distribution of the food rations.

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