Kirinyaga County intensifies fumigation exercise in fight against Covid-19

Kirinyaga County Government has intensified fumigation exercise across the county as a way of protecting residents against corona virus.

The exercise that is being carried out by the county public health department targets markets, bus stations and shopping centers. The fumigation is aimed at decontaminating surfaces that come into contact with various people as they transact business thus are likely to pass the virus from one person to another.  The exercise complements other preventive measures that the county has put in place which include installation of handwashing stations in public places, enforcement of social distancing and provision of masks to the public among others.

The fumigation exercise follows a week by week schedule that ensures that every market and shopping center is covered. From April 28 to May 8, the public health team will be carrying out fumigation in Kerugoya, Wang’uru, Kagio, Kianyaga, Kagumo and Kutus before moving to other centers subsequently.

For effective decontamination exercise the county is using some of its fire extinguishers even as manual sprayers are used in smaller centers.

Governor Waiguru has directed the public health department to sustain the fumigation exercise and enforcement of the other preventive measures noting that prevention remains the surest way of combating the corona virus pandemic. She has stressed that though the county has not had a Covid-19 case, they cannot afford to relax prevention measures until the country gets over the pandemic. Public education is also being conducted along implementation of the other prevention measures.

“Even though we are well prepared to deal with Covid-19 cases should they arise, we are putting a lot of emphasis on protecting our people from contracting the disease. That is why we have put in place various preventive measures which include screening of all persons travelling into our county from other counties.” Said the Governor, pointing out that the county has established screening points at all border points as well as in all the health facilities.

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