Kirinyaga County receive soap and masks donations

Kirinyaga County Governor on Wednesday received hand washing stations and soap from Bidco Africa boosting the county’s efforts in the fight against Covid-19.

Bidco through it regional manager Warren Murimi handed its donation of 50 cartons of soap, one carton of disinfectant liquid hand wash and part of 100 handwashing stations that include 40 liter buckets with stands. At the same time the governor received 10,000 masks from the National Government. She said that 5,000 of the masks will be distributed to boda boda riders while 5,000 will be taken to the various health facilities. The masks donation complements the county’s mass production of masks that is taking place at Kaitheri Apparel Factory in Kerugoya.

Governor Waiguru who was accompanied by Members of the County Assembly said that the donated items will immediately be distributed to Kirinyaga residents to help them guard themselves against contracting corona virus. The Governor expressed gratitude to Bidco saying that it is at such a time as this when people come together for the common good. She said that the county is seeking partnerships with other institutions of goodwill noting that there are pledges from other friends to help the county in its fight against the pandemic.

The governor added that the county is also expecting to receive sanitizers from Kenya Pipeline Company. “The county government on its own cannot reach every resident owing to budget limitations but with friends we are able to come together and support the community” said the governor. The donations came at a time when the county has intensified implementation of Covid-19 prevention measures with fumigation of markets and shopping centers now taking place every day in various public places across the county.

The Bidco Regional Manager, said that their donation was in line with the company’s motto Happy, Healthy Living and so they are supporting the community to fight corona virus through washing of hands.

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