Kirinyaga kicks off farmers’ registration on a high as county registers over 8,000 in two days

The County Government of Kirinyaga has kicked off the farmers’ registration exercise on a high note with 8,081 farmers being registered in the first two days.

The exercise that kicked off on Monday is expected to yield to a comprehensive county farmers’ data base that will inform both the county and the national governments’ agricultural intervention programs in Kirinyaga.

A total of 329 agripreneurs and 36 supervisors have been assigned to undertake the exercise across the county’s 20 wards with each of the agripreneurs expected to register at least 15 households per day.

The Principal Secretary for State Department for Crop Development, Kello Harsama, expressed his satisfaction in the professional manner in which the county government was executing the registration exercise noting that it has been the best organized among all the counties. “This is a model county and this is what we want to see all other counties doing. I asked to be given the best organized county and I was given Kirinyaga where the whole exercise starting from recruitment has been done in a very transparent manner.” Said the PS.

The PS was on an assessment tour to the county where he was taken around to witness the ongoing registration in the county. He also met with hundreds of farmers who had been convened for a training forum by the county government at Kamiigua Youth Polytechic.

“Allow me to commend and thank Governor Anne Waiguru for her outstanding contribution in the agricultural sector. Kirinyaga is a well-organized county with a strong agricultural vision.,” he said, hailing the good working relationship between Kirinyaga County Executive, the Assembly and the National Government when it came to delivery of services to the residents.

He noted that having the farmers’ data was crucial in determining how many people required what type of support in the agricultural sector which include the distribution of subsidized farm inputs and market access which are all encompassed in the Bottom-Up Economic Transformation Agenda. (BETA).

Kirinyaga Deputy Governor, David Githanda, said that the County Government was closely working with the National Government to ensure that the registration exercise is seamlessly executed to the end. He said having the farmers profile database will enable the county government implement the Wezesha Kirinyaga program in a more effective and efficient manner. He called on all the farmers to ensure that they are registered.

Kangai Member of County Assembly, James Njiru, who is also the assembly’s Agriculture Committee Chairperson assured residents that with Governor Anne Waiguru,  the county’s agriculture sector was in safe hands. He reiterated the assembly’s commitment to working harmoniously with the county executive in delivering services to Kirinyaga residents.

Other MCAs present at the forum expressed their satisfaction in the way the county is being managed noting that collaboration between stakeholders will adequately address the needs of the farmers.

Margaret Wambui, a farmer from Baragwi Ward, stated that registration will help them gain market for their produce as well as access subsidized farm inputs such as fertilizer.

Present at the forum was also Dr. Mary Mwale, the chair of the farmer’s Registration program who noted that Kirinyaga has started the exercise exemplary well and the Agri-preneurs selected were well trained and were doing a good job.

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